Musical FireworksSet to themed music

Musical Fireworks Choreographing fireworks to music

Music to fireworks adds extra emotional resonance to an occasion. It may be that you’d like a special programme of music with fireworks to mark a significant event or anniversary. We’ll be only too delighted to choreograph your display for you.

Digital firing systems accurate to a split second mean we can choreograph musical firework displays with an exactness which can respond to the slightest nuance in a piece of music. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pre-recorded or performed in real time – we’re just as at home with Mozart as we are with Metallica.

Fireworx Scotland Ltd work alongside the client to achieve the result they require & we design our shows with Finale Software which we are able to supply the client with a demo simulation video.

Fireworx Scotland Ltd have competed in various Musical Firework Championships over the past few years… See below.

Awards & Competitions

2012 British Musical Firework Championships


First Sanya (China) International Musical Firework Competition 2012

Fireworx Scotland was part of the UK team at this event and came second overall

Prestigious Changsha (China) International Pyromusical Firework Competition

Fireworx Scotland were part of a contingency of firework companies to represent the UK. The UK display was on the 25th February 2012. The competition spans one year with 52 teams from around the world taking part. The judges recognized our effort with a score of 95.6.

British Firework Championships Plymouth 2011

Fireworx Scotland secured 3rd place

Specialist Event Supplier of the Year 2011

An independent Award Programme recognised both locally and nationally.

British Firework Championships Scottish Heat, Strathclyde Park 2009

Fireworx Scotland was second in this event. Mark Copland was Lead Firer and show designer.

British Firework Championships Plymouth 2008

Fireworx Scotland won the People’s Choice award.

British Firework Championships Scottish Heat, Leith 2008

Fireworx Scotland won this event. Mark Copland was Lead Firer and show designer.

British Firework Championships Scottish Heat, Perth 2007

Fireworx Scotland was second in this event. Mark Copland was Lead Firer and show designer.

International Musical Firework Championships Shanghai 2006

This was a high profile competition where Fireworx Scotland was awarded Best Team and Best coordinated Display to Music. The display lasted 20 minutes and was fired from 3 sites simultaneously on 3 firing systems. The team involved was made up of key Fireworx Scotland personnel as well as members from Westcoast Fireworks and Pyro 1.

British Musical Firework Championships Southport 2005

Fireworx Scotland worked closely with Westcoast Fireworks on this display. Mark Copland was Lead Firer and show designer. Westcoast Fireworks won the championships in 2005. Fireworx Scotland was runners up.

British Firework Championships Plymouth 2004

Fireworx Scotland and Westcoast fireworks collaborated on this event. Again Mark Copland was Lead firer and show designer. They were runners up in this competition in 2004.


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