Quiet Fireworks Beautiful & dramatic

Quiet FireworksThe sky’s the limit

Many venues that host regular firework displays such as hotels and stately homes require quieter fireworks to limit the impact on the local environment, local residents and occasionally livestock.

To meet the growing demand for quieter fireworks for weddings, corporate events and private parties we travelled to China in search of the highest quality materials. And we found them…..

A quiet firework display from Fireworx Scotland Ltd does not lose any of its impact. Although you do not get the traditional loud aerial burst you do get a peaceful, beautiful and dramatic show and we guarantee you won’t miss the bangs.

We do not compromise on quality for price and are always looking for the next new and special thing to have for our clients.

Please contact us for further details or if you wish us to discuss the possiblity of using low noise fireworks at your venue.

Click Here to See Quiet Fireworks Sample Video